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We automate and secure your gate exit process. Our systems enhance user experience and provide a cost effective solution to rental car facilities.

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"I have said it before... you deliver an amazing product: saves money, allows us to re-direct staff to more productive purposes, allows less fixed scheduled positions to cover with staff, with a safer parking lot, and tracks the whole process. Simply an amazing product!"- Mark, Dollar Car Rental, Seattle

"We at Sixt 'Rent THE Car' love Passway. The gate system we have allows us to let the guest leave when they want and we do not have to have people man the gate 24 hours per day. Nick and his team are also very quick to respond to any questions or if there is an issue with the system, they are quick to fix it. I am impressed with how they can remote in and pretty much correct any issues. The team at Passway Systems is very easy to work with from the start of the project to the end. I would highly recommend working with them on your project!"- Dan, SixT Rent-a-Car, Ft. Myers

"Passway offers our team a simple and reliable way of securing our assets. The system is user-friendly. It allows us flexibility to add and remove users as needed. The Passway Systems team is always responsive and professional. We value our partnership with them and recommend the product and service!"- Cora, SixT Rent-a-Car, Phoenix

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Passway Systems strives to provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective security solutions for the car rental industry. We utilize cutting-edge technology that can effectively reduce administrative overhead and maximize return on investment.

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